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    New research on why some cities thrive in the knowledge economy

    The Work Foundation out of the U.K., today announced the start of phase II of its research into so-called knowledge cities, aka Ideopolises. The phase I findings are availalbe in a 108-page report.

    That initial report states that Ideopolises are characterised by:

    • High levels of economic success
    • High levels of knowledge intensity based on The Work Foundation’sdefinition of knowledge intensity
    • A diverse industry base including distinctive specialist niches
    • One or more universities that have a mutually beneficial relationship withthe city, leading to industries built on research strengths, transfer ofknowledge to businesses and the retention of graduates
    • Strong communications infrastructure and good transport links withinthe city and to other cities, including by air, rail and road
    • A distinctive long-term ‘knowledge city’ offer to investors and individuals alike, created by public and private sector leaders
    • Strategies to ensure that all communities benefit from the economicsuccess associated with knowledge.

    According to Alexandra Jones, associate director at The Work Foundation, this new round of research will "examine in detail how cities can play to their strengths against this background - how they can build a sense of place and a distinctive offer for their citizens, how they can collaborate with other cities, and how they can foster multi-agency working to achieve their goals." GEO


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