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    Texas Economy Round-up

    1. Texas in the Spotlight> New article in The Economist highlights Texas' super growth .:. http://bit.ly/tWaM9
    2. Black Gold Winners> Texas, along with OK and AK, should rebound first say economists thanks to energy's strength .:. http://bit.ly/YbIsE
    3. More Good News> Brookings Study shows Texas metros are among the 20 strongest economies in nation .:. http://bit.ly/cvkCE
    4. Alamo City Economy> S.A. public companies right the ship .:. http://bit.ly/1M3cfq
    5. Focus for Foreign Investment> #AlamoCity lures investors, like Mexico-friendly culture and stable real estate values.:. http://bit.ly/Lg6ZX
    6. The One that Got Away> #AlamoCity losing AT&T's HQ really a good thing? Could be. .:. http://bit.ly/3lKnMs
    7. Texas T-Bone Rail Link> High-speed rail funding may bypass Texas.:. http://bit.ly/AAVB1
    8. "It doesn't hurt to ask"> Texas asks Federal gov to have common sense regarding high speed rail .:. http://bit.ly/3Qq0Nb
    9. Say What?> Growing cities, shrinking suburbs, not just Texas but nationally .:. http://bit.ly/XobNQ
    10. Census Data> Latest county-based data available .:. http://bit.ly/ZeymG
    11. Keep Austin Loud> ATX's music scene cited in article on downtowns and civic hubs.:. http://bit.ly/szZXH
    12. Derailing Rail Plans> RT @alanhuynh @cleancartalk: High-Speed Trains Cost Too Much To Be Worth Building -- Harvard Prof http://bit.ly/TnpMi
    13. Neck and Neck> Dallas and Houston tie for 9th place on Inc. 500 top metro area list .:. http://bit.ly/S5alb

    Texas vs.California Round-up

    1. Bulls vs. Bears> Is their a rivalry between growing Texas and shrinking California, The Economist thinks so.:. http://bit.ly/kWF5f
    2. In the Black> Texas only big state to have a surplus in 2009, gap in 2010 just 10% of California's.:. http://bit.ly/ESbEr
    3. Texas' Loss, California's Gain> US military strategy shift impacts stationing of Navy vessels.:. http://bit.ly/X5qiD
    4. Las Vegas is to L.A. as New Orleans is to... > Cali's high-speed rail plan offers useful analogy for Texas.:. http://bit.ly/78u1I
    5. State vs. State> Study of California's competitiveness shows Texas' strength .:. http://bit.ly/p8KVy
    6. Apples-to-Apples> Comparison of 37 different taxes on state-by-state basis, how does Texas compare?.:. http://bit.ly/3nxu0O

    Innovation Clusters Round-up

    1. Venture Capital Hubs> Fascinating Harvard paper on VC clusters, DFW ranked 6th, down from 1990 peak, ATX not ranked.:. http://bit.ly/2hG3rz
    2. Top 10 Nano Metros> ATX and Houston rank 9th and 10th among nanotechnology cluster cities .:. http://bit.ly/DUtCC
    3. Small is Big> Texas ranks 4th in nanotech among states, PDF of nanotech resources here.:. http://bit.ly/YLEIz
    4. How much the Apollo Program would cost today .:. http://bit.ly/U0nw9
    5. Tech Empires> Rome wasn't built in a day, neither are technology powerhouses .:. http://bit.ly/3Q1xuK
    6. IPOs in the Lone Star> How Texas stacks up in public offerings over last 10 years .:. http://bit.ly/qMYlb
    7. Arcologies for Innovation> Nations invest big in research & tech parks to attract corporations .:. http://bit.ly/1oTWPu
    8. Creator Class> Film-maker Mike Judge and who Butt-head really was based on .:. http://bit.ly/OCBw0
    9. Aerospace Clusters> #AlamoCity fights for aerospace work, borne of Air Force presence, plenty of competition .:. http://bit.ly/AFDSe
    10. Cluster Power> How a small California #industrycluster gave rise to the Information Age .:. http://bit.ly/D4hyv
    11. Physicians heal themselves > Houston Medical Center giants seek to mend past wounds, bring back breakthroughs.:. http://bit.ly/4ToXI
    12. Think Different> Richard Florida tells Fort Worth to get creative to prosper .:. http://bit.ly/6PYRu

    Megapolitan Round-up

    1. Megapolitan America> Where the next 100 million people will live .:. http://bit.ly/cyn9V
    2. 22nd Century America> U.S. home to 600 million by 2109, says Metropolitan Institute; South and West will boom.:. http://bit.ly/FCWM4
    3. Population Boom> U.S. 3rd most populous country; by 2050, 439 million people will live here .:. http://bit.ly/XSpPb
    4. Arcologies for Innovation> Nations invest big in research & tech parks to attract corporations .:. http://bit.ly/1oTWPu
    5. Ur-Mega> Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is a harbinger of things to come; Austin and San Antonio best watch out .:. http://bit.ly/1CQ2OL

    Thoughts on the Energy Economy

    1. There Be Giants> Don Quixote wasn't so crazy afterall .:. http://bit.ly/1az294
    2. Quantum Leaps> Until jet engines, icebergs were a major threat to intercontinental travel, just ask the Titanic .:. http://bit.ly/dqmia
    3. Vinyl records are to coal as CDs are to...> How technology progress could enable energy-source transition .:. http://bit.ly/JwzKQ
    4. Forget petroleum, we're living in the Age of Methane.:. http://bit.ly/16KLVj
    5. Future of Energy> Decarbonization and other megatrends driving energy industry.:. http://bit.ly/4h96tL
    6. The Age of Petroleum, Act 2> Natural gas will be energy's star in the coming decades.:. http://bit.ly/OCBw0
    7. Oil Independence Talk = Demagoguery> Saudi prince writes op-ed in Foreign Policy magazine.:. http://bit.ly/ihEFT

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