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    Texas Economy Round-up

    1. Texas in the Spotlight> New article in The Economist highlights Texas' super growth .:. http://bit.ly/tWaM9
    2. Black Gold Winners> Texas, along with OK and AK, should rebound first say economists thanks to energy's strength .:. http://bit.ly/YbIsE
    3. More Good News> Brookings Study shows Texas metros are among the 20 strongest economies in nation .:. http://bit.ly/cvkCE
    4. Alamo City Economy> S.A. public companies right the ship .:. http://bit.ly/1M3cfq
    5. Focus for Foreign Investment> #AlamoCity lures investors, like Mexico-friendly culture and stable real estate values.:. http://bit.ly/Lg6ZX
    6. The One that Got Away> #AlamoCity losing AT&T's HQ really a good thing? Could be. .:. http://bit.ly/3lKnMs
    7. Texas T-Bone Rail Link> High-speed rail funding may bypass Texas.:. http://bit.ly/AAVB1
    8. "It doesn't hurt to ask"> Texas asks Federal gov to have common sense regarding high speed rail .:. http://bit.ly/3Qq0Nb
    9. Say What?> Growing cities, shrinking suburbs, not just Texas but nationally .:. http://bit.ly/XobNQ
    10. Census Data> Latest county-based data available .:. http://bit.ly/ZeymG
    11. Keep Austin Loud> ATX's music scene cited in article on downtowns and civic hubs.:. http://bit.ly/szZXH
    12. Derailing Rail Plans> RT @alanhuynh @cleancartalk: High-Speed Trains Cost Too Much To Be Worth Building -- Harvard Prof http://bit.ly/TnpMi
    13. Neck and Neck> Dallas and Houston tie for 9th place on Inc. 500 top metro area list .:. http://bit.ly/S5alb


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