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    Texas vs.California Round-up

    1. Bulls vs. Bears> Is their a rivalry between growing Texas and shrinking California, The Economist thinks so.:. http://bit.ly/kWF5f
    2. In the Black> Texas only big state to have a surplus in 2009, gap in 2010 just 10% of California's.:. http://bit.ly/ESbEr
    3. Texas' Loss, California's Gain> US military strategy shift impacts stationing of Navy vessels.:. http://bit.ly/X5qiD
    4. Las Vegas is to L.A. as New Orleans is to... > Cali's high-speed rail plan offers useful analogy for Texas.:. http://bit.ly/78u1I
    5. State vs. State> Study of California's competitiveness shows Texas' strength .:. http://bit.ly/p8KVy
    6. Apples-to-Apples> Comparison of 37 different taxes on state-by-state basis, how does Texas compare?.:. http://bit.ly/3nxu0O


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