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    Thoughts on the Energy Economy

    1. There Be Giants> Don Quixote wasn't so crazy afterall .:. http://bit.ly/1az294
    2. Quantum Leaps> Until jet engines, icebergs were a major threat to intercontinental travel, just ask the Titanic .:. http://bit.ly/dqmia
    3. Vinyl records are to coal as CDs are to...> How technology progress could enable energy-source transition .:. http://bit.ly/JwzKQ
    4. Forget petroleum, we're living in the Age of Methane.:. http://bit.ly/16KLVj
    5. Future of Energy> Decarbonization and other megatrends driving energy industry.:. http://bit.ly/4h96tL
    6. The Age of Petroleum, Act 2> Natural gas will be energy's star in the coming decades.:. http://bit.ly/OCBw0
    7. Oil Independence Talk = Demagoguery> Saudi prince writes op-ed in Foreign Policy magazine.:. http://bit.ly/ihEFT


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