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    Megapolitan Round-up

    1. Megapolitan America> Where the next 100 million people will live .:. http://bit.ly/cyn9V
    2. 22nd Century America> U.S. home to 600 million by 2109, says Metropolitan Institute; South and West will boom.:. http://bit.ly/FCWM4
    3. Population Boom> U.S. 3rd most populous country; by 2050, 439 million people will live here .:. http://bit.ly/XSpPb
    4. Arcologies for Innovation> Nations invest big in research & tech parks to attract corporations .:. http://bit.ly/1oTWPu
    5. Ur-Mega> Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is a harbinger of things to come; Austin and San Antonio best watch out .:. http://bit.ly/1CQ2OL


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