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    Innovation Clusters Round-up

    1. Venture Capital Hubs> Fascinating Harvard paper on VC clusters, DFW ranked 6th, down from 1990 peak, ATX not ranked.:. http://bit.ly/2hG3rz
    2. Top 10 Nano Metros> ATX and Houston rank 9th and 10th among nanotechnology cluster cities .:. http://bit.ly/DUtCC
    3. Small is Big> Texas ranks 4th in nanotech among states, PDF of nanotech resources here.:. http://bit.ly/YLEIz
    4. How much the Apollo Program would cost today .:. http://bit.ly/U0nw9
    5. Tech Empires> Rome wasn't built in a day, neither are technology powerhouses .:. http://bit.ly/3Q1xuK
    6. IPOs in the Lone Star> How Texas stacks up in public offerings over last 10 years .:. http://bit.ly/qMYlb
    7. Arcologies for Innovation> Nations invest big in research & tech parks to attract corporations .:. http://bit.ly/1oTWPu
    8. Creator Class> Film-maker Mike Judge and who Butt-head really was based on .:. http://bit.ly/OCBw0
    9. Aerospace Clusters> #AlamoCity fights for aerospace work, borne of Air Force presence, plenty of competition .:. http://bit.ly/AFDSe
    10. Cluster Power> How a small California #industrycluster gave rise to the Information Age .:. http://bit.ly/D4hyv
    11. Physicians heal themselves > Houston Medical Center giants seek to mend past wounds, bring back breakthroughs.:. http://bit.ly/4ToXI
    12. Think Different> Richard Florida tells Fort Worth to get creative to prosper .:. http://bit.ly/6PYRu


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