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    21st Century City on Forbes.com

    New special report looks at metros of tomorrow

    On June 11, Forbes.com ran its special report called Twenty-First Century Cities. The micro-site on Forbes.com contains five articles on an array of topics:

    "Two Billion Slum Dwellers : Cities are the future of the world, and slums are the future of the city."
    "Snitchtown : In the brave new world of ubiquitous security cameras, universal surveillance is seen as the solution to all urban ills."
    "In Defense Of Sprawl : Think the inexorable spread of cities is a bad thing? Think again. "
    "Megacities Of The Future The demographic future belongs to cities like Mumbai, Shanghai and Dhaka. "
    "Ghost Cities of 2100 Even as the world's urban population explodes, these eight cities face potential extinction. "

    There's some good stuff here, such as the opener for the Megacities piece, "Paging Thomas Malthus: Your nightmare finally has arrived." The cheeky editorial by Cory Doctorow on the prevalence of surveillance cameras. GEO


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