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    Innovation Clusters

    Twenty-first century beef and oil

    Texas is known for many things around the world, but chief among them is cowboys and wildcatters. Interestingly, those figures are archetypes from the Lone Star's two most famous industry clusters: cattle ranching and petroleum. Who knows what Texans will be known for in another 100 years? Below is a list of links to a number of cluster efforts underway in the state:


    Cindy Tincher said...

    Surprised not to see the Trans Pecos/El Paso RCIC on your list. They've moved from tequila to tech out there on the border of the Lone Star State.

    Their portfolio includes several innovators that have received Texas Emerging Technology Fund dollars: such as a thermoelectric innovator that just got a contract from NASA, a eco-friendly paint company inspired by paint techniques used by the ancient Mayans, and a neuromedia analysis company that can map a person's neural response to media, environments, situations, etc. Some cutting edge, cool tech going on out there on the border.

    editor said...

    [TexasTriangle Editor]


    Thanks for the note. That is interesting information.

    Texas Triangle Business focuses on the inner delta of Houston, DFW, Austin and San Antonio because of the concentration. But, of course, Texas as a whole has plenty going on.

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