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    How Much is Texas Football Worth?

    Study looks deep in the heart of Texas for answers

    In the paper "Do College Football Games Pay for Themselves?" two economists take a look at a rather important subject to Texans--football. Specifically, they want to find out whether college football games raise or lower local tax revenue.

    One promising indicator the East Coast academics know what they're doing is that they pick the heart of the Texas Triangle for their analysis.

    Texas is a natural place to ask this question. First, the four universities located in the cities we investigate all play Division I FBS football, the cities are all moderately sized, though Austin is much larger than the others, and none are home to any major professional sports franchises which might make it more difficult to identify the impact of a college football game on local sales tax revenues. Three of the institutions, the University of Texas at Austin, Texas Tech University, and Texas A & M University, are public, while Baylor University is private and religiously affiliated.

    The findings are surprising, and raise some interesting questions about the economics of football. But as the paper correctly points out, football has a value that far exceeds dollars and cents. .:.


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