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    Updates for Week of 02/01-02/06

    Happenings in the Texas Triangle, the megapolitan region consisting of Houston, DFW, Austin and San Antonio.

    1. Energy> Texas companies galore mentioned in The Deal's take on state of the oil & gas and alt energy <http://tinyurl.com/txtriangle0926>
    2. Capital> UTIMCO's fund performance <http://tinyurl.com/txtriangle0925>
    3. Dude... Chairman of UTIMCO board Robert Rowling resigns during state senate hearing, PEHub has the video <http://tinyurl.com/txtriangle0924>
    4. Energy> Author Peter Schwartz says cleantech VCs don't GET energy and don't know what they're doing <http://tinyurl.com/txtriangle0923>
    5. Face2Face> Tech-related Networking Groups [Austin ] <http://www.austinstartup.com/resources/>
    6. Dealipedia> Viverae [Dallas] raises $6.5M from Frontier Capital [Charlotte, NC] <http://tinyurl.com/txtriangle0922>
    7. Dealipedia> HomeAway [Austin] buys French Homelidays SAS based <http://tinyurl.com/algers>
    8. DealFlow> Texas Pacific Group [Fort Worth] ends 2 yr. talks with sov fund/pension funds to buy stakes <http://tinyurl.com/txtriangle0921>
    9. Dealipedia> IDC Westinghouse [Fort Worth] acquired by Sorenson Capital <http://tinyurl.com/txtriangle0919>
    10. Honchos> NY Times catching Dell fever from Wall Street Journal <http://tinyurl.com/txtriangle0917>
    11. Honchos> Mark Cuban [DFW] pursues offense as his best defense <http://tinyurl.com/txtriangle0916>
    12. Honchos> The many faces of Michael S. Dell... tech visionary... philanthropist... VEGETABLE CAPITALIST <http://1link.in/texastriangle-mnyce>.:.


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