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    Texas Triangle highlighted in Federal study

    Academic research not just "academic" when it comes to long-range planning

    The Federal Highway Administration commissioned a survey of literature related to planning on a regional and mega-regional basis. The extensive 103-page document highlights the handful of mega regions identified by regional planners and academics.

    1. Piedmont Atlantic Megaregion
    2. Northeast Megaregion
    3. Northern California Megaregion
    4. Southern California Megaregion
    5. Great Lakes Megaregion
    6. Texas Triangle
    7. Southern Florida Megaregion
    8. Gulf Coast Megaregion
    9. Cascadia
    10. Arizona Sun Corridor
    Interestingly, Houston is one of the few metro areas to belong to two different mega regions: the Texas Triangle and the Gulf Coast. While certainly Houston is connected to the Gulf Coast because of the oil and gas industry, I would argue other ties are much more tenuous than compared to the strong bonds connecting H-town to the Texas Triangle.

    This would all be academic apart from the fact that plans for high speed rail are being bandied about, and, as mentioned before (see "Mind the Gap"), no rail link is being proposed to connect Houston to the rest of the Lone Star State.

    Below is material adapted from the FHWA report, describing the various mega regions. .:.


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