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    Gun sales are up, but will Texas see tourism growth from war correspondents?

    Update: New sources say only small portion of weapons to Mexico from U.S.

    ndependent journalist Michael Yon, former Green Beret who has spent much of this decade covering the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, is slowly shifting focus from Afghanistan to the conflict in Mexico.

    Noted for his balanced and measured coverage, it appears from reading his recent dispatches that he may be spending more time in Texas.
    The word "Mexico" today is starting to ring like "Iraq" did six years ago. It's interesting that Afghanistan evokes very little emotion, and so reporting truth from there is less likely to spur outrage. And today, Iraq is no longer the lightning rod that it was... [b]ut Mexico...there's a lightning rod. ...

    Hurricane Mexico seems to be gathering energy both in reality and in the media. At least if you cover Mexico, you can live part time in Texas or thereabouts with Americans. Been a long time for me.
    One of the main lightening rods is the alleged U.S.-originated firearms trafficking, which is discussed in a 17-page Department of Justice statement. Such rumblings could have tremendous 2nd Amendment implications, and its makes Texans justifiably nervous.

    The proof is in the fact that sporting goods stores and gun dealers can't keep certain ammunition types in stock and gun sales are through the roof.

    My prayer is that Yon's observations are not so prescient this time around. I suspect he'd agree. .:.


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