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    Born to Build

    Serial entrepreneurs are a different breed

    The psychological make-up of entrepreneurs who found and grow multiple ventures does seem to be different than the average joe, reports The Wall Street Journal on August 20, 2007. According to a 2000 study, such entrepreneurs had a higher propensity for risk, innovation, and achievement. They were less scared of failure, and were able to recover better when failure did happen.

    Those that had initial successes also had the advantage of being able to call on network of contacts for capital, advice and recruitment to launch new endeavors. The paper cited multiple examples of such types of entrepreneurs, including Anousheh Ansari .

    Ansari, an Iranian-American, recently made news by becoming the first woman space tourist--paying Russia to hitch a ride on one of their rockets to spend one week on the International Space Station. Her family is also the money behind the $10 million Ansari X-Prize, which was created to spur a non-governmental space race among private inventors.

    Her current company is Prodea Systems, Inc. [Plano] , which designs software for managing so-called "digital homes" and their multimedia systems. It has locations in Chennai, India, and Beijing, China. Her previous success is Telecom Technologies, Inc. [Richardson; Telecom Corridor], which she co-founded with her husband, Hamid, and brother-in-law, Amir, in 1994. It was ranked by Inc. Magazine and Deloitte & Touche as one of the fastest growing comnpanies in the country. It sold for $750 million to Sonus Networks in 2000. .:.


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