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    Phone Hacks

    Austin firm can't wait to get inside Apple's iPhone

    Forbes.com posted a story detailing how an Austin-based Portelligent sent engineers to wait in line for Apple's new iPhone - intent on buying one or two phones for the purpose of tearing them apart.

    According to Forbes, Portelligent, and companies like it, "sell reports detailing the processors, memory and materials used in each device to customers that include consumer electronics manufacturers and analysts."

    The reports determine which companies supplied what components to Apple, something the firms themselves are not allowed to disclose, as well as allow business analysts to determine Apple's gross margins.

    With anticipation running high for the iPhone, what's inside the device is very significant. The Wall Street Journal reported on June 28 that Apple's market capitalization has risen $34 billion since it annonced the iPhone and its plan to sell 10 million units. [San Antonio-based AT&T also stands to benefit greatly from iPhone because the mobile phone works only on AT&T's network.] .:.


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