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    iPhone sales show tech hotspots in the Triangle

    Even before its launch, iPhone was being feted as one of the biggest product launches in tech industry history. And from the lines at stores, media attention, and more than 500,000 devices sold over a single weekend, iPhone seems to have earned such laurels.

    Put another way, Americans went to the polls, voted (with their wallets and pocket books), and elected iPhone to the coveted positioned of New, New Thing. In this light, it's interesting to look at exit polling data from the iPhone launch in Texas.

    Altogether, Apple has 12 retail sites in Texas (all in the Triangle): 5 stores in the Houston metro (Friendswood, The Highlands, Sugarland, and 2 in Houston proper); 4 in Dallas-Fort Worth (Dallas, Plano, Highland Park, and Southlake); 2 in Austin; and 1 in San Antonio.

    At the end of opening weekend, CNNmoney.com reported that both Austin's stores were out of phones. As was Dallas. The remaining 9 stores throughout the state had phones still in stock, however. In contrast, CNN.com reported that 34 of 36 stores in California were out of stock at the end of the weekend (both stores still with iPhones were in San Francisco--Apple's home turf). While in New York, only 1 of the state's 12 stores were out of stock.

    Assuming there were no logistical foul-ups, which resulted in some stores being shorted, it would seem that tech early adopters abound in Austin - no surprise there. The Big D also is home to techie hipsters, not surprising given the concentration of big technology enterprises in the city. (It was reported that one eager shopper in Dallas paid $800 just to get to the front of the line to buy herself an iPhone.) .:.


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