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    Recent Tweets 07/01-07/09

    1. Paring Pickins' Plan> Energy mogul's mega wind power project scaling back.:. http://bit.ly/5W5Vr
    2. Texas' Loss, California's Gain> US military strategy shift impacts stationing of Navy vessels.:. http://bit.ly/X5qiD
    3. Texas T-Bone Rail Link> High-speed rail funding may bypass Texas.:. http://bit.ly/AAVB1
    4. Urban Metabolism> Understanding cities as systems, fascinating video interviews with leading thinkers from Sputnik.:. http://bit.ly/Rorme
    5. Repost: What if Texas Got Nuked> With correct hyperlink! .:. http://bit.ly/BQaus
    6. Texas Mega Region Conference> Houston Tomorrow and America 2050 host "Mega Regions + Mega Prosperity" on Sept 24-25.:. http://bit.ly/dqXdu
    7. What If Texas Got Nuked?> Ingenius Google map shows direct effects and fallout of nuclear attack.:. http://bit.ly/yqcL3
    8. The One that Got Away> #AlamoCity losing AT&T's HQ really a good thing? Could be. .:. http://bit.ly/3lKnMs
    9. Focus for Foreign Investment> #AlamoCity lures investors, like Mexico-friendly culture and stable real estate values.:. http://bit.ly/Lg6ZX
    10. Aerospace Clusters> #AlamoCity fights for aerospace work, borne of Air Force presence, plenty of competition .:. http://bit.ly/AFDSe
    11. Alamo City Economy> S.A. public companies right the ship .:. http://bit.ly/1M3cfq
    12. Cluster Power> How a small California #industrycluster gave rise to the Information Age .:. http://bit.ly/D4hyv
    13. More Good News> Brookings Study shows Texas metros are among the 20 strongest economies in nation .:. http://bit.ly/cvkCE
    14. In the Black> Texas only big state to have a surplus in 2009, gap in 2010 just 10% of California's.:. http://bit.ly/ESbEr


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