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    Recent Tweets June 2009

    1. Power to Peole> RT @mySA New nuclear plants estimated at $13 billion: http://is.gd/1itsA
    2. Physicians heal themselves > Houston Medical Center giants seek to mend past wounds, bring back breakthroughs.:. http://bit.ly/4ToXI
    3. Duty Bound> 3,500 Texas National Guard to deploy overseas, nearly all from Texas Triangle.:. http://bit.ly/gDGle
    4. RT @mySA Spurs great David Robinson enters private-equity field: http://is.gd/1hnzR
    5. Land of the Large - Part III > Texas used to be 30% bigger, sold land for 19 cents an acre .:. http://bit.ly/BO2qH
    6. Battle Royale> Giant chemical company squares off with global financial giants in small court north of Houston.:. http://bit.ly/mSiBw
    7. Think Different> Richard Florida tells Fort Worth to get creative to prosper .:. http://bit.ly/6PYRu
    8. Duuuude> Engineers propose massive dome to protect downtown Houston .:. http://bit.ly/3v8mh
    9. Black Gold Winners> Texas, along with OK and AK, should rebound first say economists thanks to energy's strength .:. http://bit.ly/YbIsE
    10. USA Today debuts slick new economic forecast engine .:. http://bit.ly/15dApZ
    11. RT @bruces Robots build future cities from trash. http://bit.ly/wxuD2
    12. Land of the Large-Part II> When it comes to private land ownership, Texas is a titan... Calif no bigger than Nebraska.:. http://bit.ly/rUXoV
    13. Land of the Large - Part I> Texas really is the biggest state in the Union .:. http://bit.ly/LtqWD
    14. Imperial Texas?> Texas - the country - once asserted claims far beyond its borders .:. http://bit.ly/13FEYp
    15. RT @TweetGalveston Plan would transform isle into 'Southern belle' of US - Houston Chronicle -
    16. RT @PhilipHotchkiss Just saw a Sprint TV ad: tag line: "track inventory, assets and people" a bit creepy
    17. Data Visualization> #Treemap of Lone Star state's counties, Texas Triangle v. Non-Texas Triangle.:. http://bit.ly/5Tr1P


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