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    Recent Tweets 07/13-07/16

    1. Astros more popular than Rangers> 8 years of Harris surveys for all MLB teams, but Rangers more popular this year .:. http://bit.ly/xNCci
    2. Las Vegas is to L.A. as New Orleans is to... > Cali's high-speed rail plan offers useful analogy for Texas.:. http://bit.ly/78u1I
    3. Say What?> Growing cities, shrinking suburbs, not just Texas but nationally .:. http://bit.ly/XobNQ
    4. "It doesn't hurt to ask"> Texas asks Federal gov to have common sense regarding high speed rail .:. http://bit.ly/3Qq0Nb
    5. Bulls vs. Bears> Is their a rivalry between growing Texas and shrinking California, The Economist thinks so.:. http://bit.ly/kWF5f
    6. Texas in the Spotlight> New article in The Economist highlights Texas' super growth .:. http://bit.ly/tWaM9


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