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    Recent Tweets May 2009

    1. What a Cluster, Part II> Everything you wanted to know about the Texas film industry, but were afraid to ask .:. http://bit.ly/vfGs5
    2. What a Cluster> Film board refuses grant to maker of Waco movie .:. http://bit.ly/W3yuV
    3. RT @NYTimesDealBook OpenTable Prices High, and #SolarWind Rises http://bit.ly/f8J0W
    4. RT @GregMitch NYT's "Idea of the day" is: "the long tail" theory on Web biz is dead and Chris Anderson of Wired is... http://bit.ly/c5VS2
    5. RT @NYTimesDealBook I.P.O.'s Offer Encouraging Signs http://bit.ly/l8MwA
    6. So It Begins> RT @NYTimesDealBook Hedge Funds Take in $15.4 Billion in April http://bit.ly/2esyD
    7. Things That Make Y'all Go Hmmm> #Solarwinds (AUSTIN) first VC-backed firm since Rackspace (SAN ANTONIO) to go public.:. http://bit.ly/qenM8
    8. RT @austinventures #solarwinds Q&A with Mike Bennett, CEO of Solarwinds, on their IPO today http://bit.ly/91enX
    9. RT @Texaplex Texas created more new jobs in 2008 than all the other 49 states combined.
    10. Just joined a twibe. Visit http://twibes.com/NEWSPAPERS to join
    11. Inevitable?... RT @agentjason I am now in a Dallas suburb called Oklahoma.
    12. RT @Inthehillsfish Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
    13. It's All Relative> Treemapping Fortune 1000s in Lone Star State.:. http://bit.ly/kiHMI
    14. New Report on Entrepreneurship> In tough times, Texans take risks and start businesses .:. http://bit.ly/bR79p
    15. Mysteries Revealed> Austin's secrets for economic success at NewGeography.com via Forbes.:. http://bit.ly/14tBSX
    16. Texas Triangle-Specific News> Tailor-made RSS feeds on the economy, industry clusters, firms, honchos & deal flow.:. http://bit.ly/SYHoq
    17. RT @lsteffy The myth of `green jobs’ ... study by law and economics professors http://tinyurl.com/d9gx63
    18. Eye Candy Part Deux> Google News Timeline Viewer, type in "Texas" and see headlines back to 1800s .:. http://bit.ly/Bo0kJ
    19. By the Numbers> Texas Triangle population auto-charted by county on Google.:. http://bit.ly/t2population
    20. Eye Candy> Cool Google data tool auto-charts Texas population growth... preparing for wolframalpha.com? .:. http://bit.ly/texpop
    21. RT @startuplawyer American Chupacabra Deaths = American Swine Flu Deaths = 0
    22. RT @bmccracken "The Austin Model" of economic development http://tinyurl.com/d5sufw - why this election matters.
    23. RT @footnoted $Nabors Industries "cuts" death benefit for 79 year-old CEO from $264 million to just $100 million: http://bit.ly/171tQw
    24. RT @GovernorPerry just met with "The Economist," writing a large article about why Texas is great place to live
    25. RT @mikemcguff Dr Pepper artifact may reveal soft drink's origin ... http://tinyurl.com/cdl2ad
    26. RT @austinstartup SolarWinds Prices IPO http://tinyurl.com/c95k6j
    27. RT @austinstartup Hall Martin :: Investment in Austin http://tinyurl.com/dyfrkr


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